GFC Fashionistas…

“America’s Top Model” is no competition for our “GFC Fashionistas”

I had the pleasure of recruiting several of our fabulous GFC students who volunteered to work the runway for the “Everything for Weddings” event sponsored by Kristen’s Bridal and Tip Top Tux Formal Wear on January 22nd.  The turnout was amazing at the Alerus Center for a Sunday and I had the pleasure of sitting in front of the runway to take pictures and sit with the proud parents of these shining newcomers of the stage. 

The music was great and it jazzed you up while you were waiting for the fashion show to begin. The MC’s were all standing tall and handsomely dressed in black tuxedos with vibrant colored vests and ties.  A huge array of folding chairs surrounded the runway to make sure everyone had a great view wherever they sat.  The chairs filled up fast with parents, friends and relatives to watch someone they knew participate in a fashion show and, of course, the soon-to-be brides and fiances observing this year’s styles and fashion.

The show began and off we went at a steady pace of young models walking out in beautiful bridal gowns, prom dresses and men’s tuxedos.  Three young men came out first sporting very handsome tuxedos and did a choreographed walk on to the runway and proved they could own the floor. At first, I didn’t recognize who they were, but their main job throughout the whole show which was to open the curtain and escort the models on to the runway.  They did a really nice job and had everyone clapping. That’s when I realized Central students weren’t the only ones participating but Red River students were participating as well, which made it even more fun to watch.  

I want to make a mention that they had to do THREE fashion shows that afternoon, in which, the girls had the chore of getting in and out of bridal gowns and prom dresses.   The guys had the privilege of escorting these beautiful girls on stage while sporting a black tuxedo, colored vests and ties  and a tall, black cane. 


I will go on record that our GFC students did a fantastic job!  Better than any others in their walk, fashion wear, and charisma.  I was proud to share in their “afternoon of fame” and applaud them for being so brave as to walk out in front of hundreds of people and shine like a “fashionista” (defined as a devoted follower of fashion).  I wonder if any of them will be putting this on their resume under “recent accomplishments”?   If nothing else, I’m glad they represented Central High School and enjoyed the opportunity to take part in a community event that contributed to the cause but made themselves proud as well as everyone else.  Good job “GFC Fashionistas”!

Peggy Anderson – Career Coordinator


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