Career Forums Prove Beneficial for GFPS Students…

The Career Centers at Grand Forks Central and Red River High School provide career resources and opportunities for all high school students in the Grand Forks School District.   Each year, during the month of February, we promote “Career Forums,” which can be thought of as group job shadows.  Our main priority is to schedule as many career forums as possible and let students sign up for one or more career fields of their choice. By doing this, students have a better understanding of what it would take to be in that profession and which can help determin if this is what he or she wants to pursue.

The Career Coordinator identifies ten professions and sets up dates and times with the local business so that students can sign up and take an opportunity to tour the business, listen to different occupations, observe,  and at times, do hands on projects with questions and answers to follow. 

Our special “Thanks” goes to all those businesses that were kind enough to give up time within their busy schedules in order to share their occupations and job responsibilities to students that are deciding on a profession.  A summary of the 10 Career Forums provided this year are listed below.

Grand Forks Law Enforcement
Our biggest career forum for the month!  Who wouldn’t want to see 10 different law enforcement officials under one roof!  We had Grand Forks’ finest including a Police Officer, County Sheriff Deputy, ND Highway Patrol, US Marshall, FBI Agent, US Border Patrol, UND Police Officer, Grand Forks Correctional Officer, Parole and Probation Officer and North Dakota’s Game Warden.  For students that were truly interested in law enforcement, we encouraged ride along with certain departments as well.  Data shows that most of these professions are in “High Demand” in the state of North Dakota.

ICON Architect, Inc.
There was a lot of request from students to listen and observe what an architect does.  We chose ICON Architect, Inc. because #1) they are a growing company in our region and #2) they have two female architects that are succeeding in a male dominated profession.  The company continues to grow and another female architect just joined their staff.  Architects and Engineers are in “Big Demand” and “High Wage”

Rydells Collision Center
Another promising profession in “High Demand” is mechanics specializing in automotive, big machinery, and diesel engines. North Dakota will see an 11 % growth increase in this profession by 2018.  Most of these careers can be done through two year programs and internships.

Shawna Noel Photography
Students love signing up for this profession.  Many students are curious if they can succeed in this business or keep it as a hobby interest.  North Dakota will see a 9% increase by 2018 even though it will not be in high demand due to over saturation. 

Josef’s Hair Academy
Another profession in “High Demand” with an 8% increase will be careers in Hairstylists and Cosmetologists.  Most of these careers can be achieved with a two year program.

UND’s Energy and Environmental Research Center

With the world watching the environment so closely.  Environment Researchers and Scientists have seen a significant increase of jobs in this field and North Dakotawill see a 12.12% increase and in “High Demand” by 2018.

Grand Forks District Court House

This career forum focuses on judicial careers.  We learned that court reporting is a “High Demand” field with a projected 12.9% increase by 2018 and this only requires a two year program to specialize in a high paying career.  Lawyers and Attorneys in the state of North Dakota are in “High Demand” as well and shows a slight increase of 4.98% for the state of North Dakota.

Canad Inn Destination Center
The Hospitality and Tourism careers are on the rise and in “High Demand” with an overwhelming increase of 16.42% by 2018 for the state of North Dakota.  A lot of your education and training will come from marketing, sales, service and tourism.  A lot of careers are hidden under one giant roof!

UND Wellness Center
Another profession on the rise is fitness, education and training.  North Dakota will see a significant increase of 15.46% and in “High Demand” by 2018.  These professions are required to hold teaching degrees.

Wells Concrete Manufacturing
Manufacturing contains laborers, fabricators, heavy equipment drivers, assembly workers and management positions.  Although it shows slow signs of growth nationwide, Western North Dakota is seeing a “High Demand” for people in this profession.

This years Job Shadowing and Career Forums have showed great response and results from our students with much approval from their parents.  For more information about job shadowing and/or career forums, or other career resources we provide, contact your high school Career Coordinators: (GF Central) or (Red River HS).

Resource:  “Careers in North Dakota, 2010 edition”  (Job Service of North Dakota)

Peggy Anderson, Career Coordinator


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