Thank You Junior Achievement Sponsors & Volunteers…

The success of the Junior Achievement Program is dependent on the many business and community volunteers listed below who shared their time and talents working with the teachers in the classrooms.

2011-12 Junior Achievement Volunteers

Thank You For Making a Difference!

Chad Lindgren, Tracy Larsen, Jen Vaaler & Steph Frederick- Vaaler Ins.;  Kory Sondreal, Kari Vein, Brian Schumacher- Alerus Financial;  Tammy Peterson, Eric Scheffer, Todd Borchardt, Theresa Boltz, Sara Pape- Bremer Bank; Theresa Brorby- Minnkota Power; John Votava, Nikki Jo Klefstad, Erika Quinones, Brad Sorlien Fransden Bank & Trust;  Connie Osowski, Mary Adams– Prudential/Crary Real Estate; Torrie Enget – Best Buy;  Amy Enget – Midcontinent; Jody Hodgson– REA;  Mike Kjelshus – Citizens Community Credit Union; Erika Westphal, Shelamar Henderson, Shari Elgin, Cora Moen, Ashley Lang, Jessica Bogenreif, Brenda Schildberger– Ecolab; Staci Lord, Lori Menke,- Grand Forks Herald;  Molly Thorvilson, Stacie VanDyke,  Don Anderson (retired) –WDAZ TV; Diane Schull– GF Police Dept.; Diane Dybwad– 1St State Bank; Kathleen Lander- CVIC;   Randy Knutsvig- 1st State Bank of Thompson; Kari Gaddie– Burris Carpet; Todd Feland, Pete Haga – The City of Grand Forks;  Desiree Kelley– US Food Service;  Kim Corbin, Chad Gerloff, Haley Cummings, Brenda Coble- ALTRU;  Mike Kraemer– CL Linfoot; Sarah Erickson, Casey Neibauer– Toasted Frog;  David Gilbert, Heather Canavan-Gilbert– Stray Media Group; Tiffani Anderson– Acme Electric; Kristin Dehmer, James Covington– Development Homes, Inc;  Jenny Arel- GF Foundation for Education; Jennifer Sannes, Melanie Slominski- Bank Forward;  Stephanie Ostlie– Greenberg Realty; Joe Zavoral –Zavoral & Sons Enginnering;  Jolene Landis- Larimore Flower & Gift; Leann McKeever– Payless Shoes;  Tyrone Grandstrand, David  & Candi Seyfried- Northland CTC;  Jane Meyer- Play It Again/Consign It/Red Wing; Sarah Flom, Lisa Magnuson- REM; Roni Lillehaugen- RDO; Mary Ann Petroto, Ann Ostland– Rydell’s; Terry Mertz– Lithia Toyota; Holly Aamold– Buxton Lutheran Parish; Karen Thorfinnson, Sara Buzzo – American Family Ins./Brian Larson Agency; Byron Ball, Roscoe Mayes & Brandi Mayes- USAF GFAFB; Joel Arnason- Arnason & Rosenquist Attorney’s at Law; Kelli Flermoen, Tana Ostlie, Rod Freitag, Jerry Vein (retired)- GF Fire Dept;  Don Palmiscno- Palmiscno & Son’s Roofing; Gary Bartleson-UND Aerospace; Fawn Behrens-Smith, Brady Bruhn, Becca Grandstrand, Jack Weinstein– UND;  Kelli Larson- Job Service ND; Kathleen Lander-CVIC;  Cindy Jamieson & Tom Kreiger- Norbys Work Perks;   Charlie Murphy, Joan Oncken– True North; Nadine Rood, Lee McFarlan, Maiko Nicklos, Tyrell Forman, Zak Hefner, Chelsea Holmquist– Wells Fargo Bank; Brittany Wagner– Valley Dairy Inc.; Noreen Lee– JC Penney;   Lisa Tetrault-Sonterre– Edward Jones;  Kirk Sand-O’Reilly Auto Parts; Don Palmiscno– Palmiscno & Sons Roofing;    Community Volunteers: Jennifer Albaugh, Carol Fosse, Ginny Bollman, Gayle Aafedt, Rebecca Anderson, Sean Rauschendorfer,  Jason Lee, Desra Krohn, Jeff Muhlenkort, Amanda Prestang, Cynthia Shabb,  Michelle Sondrol

On behalf of all the teachers and students who benefit from Junior Achievement, we would also like to THANK the following contributors, who through their financial support, have helped make the JA Program possible this year and in the past:  Vaaler Insurance, Xcel Energy, American Family Insurance, Frandsen Bank & Trust, Bremer Bank, Altru Health System, Grand Forks Foundation for Education, Myra Foundation, First State Bank of Thompson, Ecolab, State Farm Insurance, Wells Fargo, Alerus Financial, Wal-Mart, Rydell GM Auto, JC Penney, Howard Johnson, Turtle River Lyons Club, and Larimore Booster Club .

What is Junior Achievement (JA)? It’s a partnership between business, community and education helping kids understand concepts of economics. JA teaches financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and workplace skills, using materials that are fun and relevant. JA has been in existence since 1919, changing with the times, reaching over 4 million students in theUS and more than 5 million young people worldwide.  Brought to the attention of the Grand Forks Public Schools by local businessman, Dave Vaaler in 1995, with the help of local business support and grant dollars, the program has evolved from a 15 classroom pilot program, to a school board approved program this year including 116+ classrooms. ALLGrand Forks public elementary school teachers may request to have the Junior Achievement opportunity for their students. Along with the 12Grand Forks schools, the following public elementary schools of the Grand Forks Consortium, are invited to participate: Emerado, Manvel, Larimore, Thompson,Central Valley, and Northwood.

       The following school personnel and business supporters comprise the Junior Achievement Advisory Board: Lisa Tetrault-Sonterre (Edward Jones) – President, Charlie Murphy  (True North)- Vice President,  Joyce Larson – ( JA Coordinator), Eric Ripley, Jody Thompson,  Scott Johnson & Peggy Anderson – (Grand Forks Public Schools) , Dave Vaaler , Jill Jore (Vaaler Insurance), Leslie Wiegandt (Larimore Elementary School),  Nikki Jo Klefstad (Frandsen Bank & Trust), Ann Porter, Todd Borchardt (Bremer Bank). We strive to maintain the integrity of the program and search for funding sources to sustain growth so more students can enjoy the benefits of Junior Achievement.      Special “THANKS” to Sadie Ripley and Clair Thompson for years of service prior to their recent retirement from the JA Board. 

You may ask–What qualifies me to be a Junior Achievement volunteer; I don’t know much about economics?

§ Do you effect and are you affected by the economy? Yes, that’s true of all of us. The materials are very easy to followit’s amazing what you’ll learn along with the kids, and from the kids too. When we teach, we learn, and the memories are lasting.

§ Do you want to make a difference in the lives of young people? When students are asked what impacted them positively in school, the answers involve people- caring adults.

Junior Achievement volunteers come from all walks of life. Business people, parents, and grandparents, have volunteered their time to be role models to students, helping connect education and the working world. Junior Achievement enhances the social studies curriculum by involving volunteers from the community to go into the classroom and teach prepared (user-friendly) lessons in economics AND MUCH MORE. They also teach lessons in character and promote volunteerism by example. JA is another opportunity for students to learn about careers and the working world first hand.

YOU Can Make a Difference as a Junior Achievement Volunteer!!

Recent studies show, students who had consecutive years of Junior Achievement scored 27% higher in economic literacy, compared to students who did not have this opportunity.  Questions?   Want to contribute?   Will you be a JA VOLUNTEER?      

Contact:   Joyce Larson, JA Coordinator – 746-2407  Ext. 6814    

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