Helpful Websites for Career Exploration…

The world wide web is huge, enormous, and can be overwhelming with information at times. Sometimes it is nice to know where to find what you are looking for rather than wading through all the search engine options.  Here you will find some fantastic websites for all stages of the career exploration process.

My Next Move.  Search for your dream job using key words.  Browse careers by industry.   Receive career suggestions that match your interests and training.

RUReaydND.  Take an interest inventory, work values sorter, or basic skills survey.  Research career opportunities, search for colleges that match up with your preferences, and find scholarships.

Occupational Outlook Handbook.  Sponsored by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, find any career A to Z and learn more about that career’s….

  • Nature of work
  • Employment and job outlook
  • Wages and earnings
  • Related jobs

Sign up for ND Youth Matters, the electronic newsletter that includes information on financial aid, high demand careers, scholarships, college programs and more from a variety of North Dakota state agencies.

Career OneStop’s Career Video Library.  Explore a wide variety of careers by watching short videos.  The videos are organized by career cluster.  Choose the cluster that interests you’re most interested in and you will find several career videos.

Next Step U.  Check out careers.  Search for colleges.  Find scholarships.

North Dakota Career Conversations.  Connecting students, parents, and educators with individuals working in North Dakota to learn about career opportunities through videos.

My Skills My Future.  What are your transferable skills?  This website will give you the chance to enter a job that you have had (or would like to have) and then will find other jobs that utilize those same skills.  You will get a list of jobs you can explore!

Jennifer George, Career Educator

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2 Responses to Helpful Websites for Career Exploration…

  1. Sue says:

    Excellent resources! Thank you for posting these.

  2. Jackie Allums says:

    Amounts of job seekers happen to be increasing since ever and the numbers of jobs also have increased which will help candidates go for the job they are interested in. There are numerous sources that could be used for job search and many of it is also very reliable. Today, looking for jobs has become very easy as a result of presence of internet. Various websites are available which allows users to include their details plus return provides them with the assistance to locate a job. Various other sources are manually coming to the places, going to places when you are referred by already employees in some companies etc. A tool which is available in finding a job is really a job search engine which supplies various features like selecting from your huge pool of jobs. We can enter some kind of field about which we would like to search the job and apply for them. Different publication rack also registered with these job search engines and they post their advertisements in a variety of categories to allow people apply for these jobs as well as the remaining process is scheduled later. Job seekers can apply for the jobs compatible with their skills and requirements.

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