Sitting In the Hot Seat…

 Seven Tips For Conducting a Successful Interview

1) Make a good lasting impression during your first interview.  Do not trash your previous employer or boss.  What does that say about you? And that you won’t do the same to your future boss?

2) Demonstrating a lack of direction.   No goals?  Not sure what you want to do in life?

3) We know the economy is tough and everyone is competing for the same job BUT don’t appear to be desperate!  This does not show off your good quality traits.

4) Don’t arrive too early.  If you do arrive 10 – 15 minutes early, sit in your car if possible.

5) Do well during your first interview that will secure you for a second interview where you can talk about the duties, salaries and benefits.

6) Don’t appear to be anxious or nervous.  Being well prepared will diminish your anxieties.

7) Have a solid resume.  Focus on being the answer to the employer’s needs.  This will show them that you are a great match for the company now and in the future.

Adapted from Damian Birkel withProfessionals in Transitions2012

Peggy Anderson, Career Coordinator

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