Common Interview Mistakes…

According to education research firm Classes and Careers, here are the 10 most common mistakes people make at job interviews:

10. Over-explaining why you lost your last job
9. Conveying that you’re not over having lost your last job
8. Lacking humor, warmth or personality
7. Not showing enthusiasm or interest in the job
6. Inadequate research about the position or company
5. Concentrating on what you want rather than what the company needs
4. Trying to be all things to everyone
3. Winging the interview instead of preparing
2. Failing to set yourself apart from other candidates
1. Not asking for the job

The best way to avoid making many of these mistakes is to be prepared for your interview.  Researching commonly asked interview questions, then crafting thoughtful and strategic responses to different types of questions will go a long ways in making sure you are ready to answer many of the questions you are asked in your interview.

The phrase “practice makes perfect” isn’t far off from reality when it comes to preparing for an interview.  Asking a friend or family member to do a mock interview with you is particularly helpful because you are forced to think about and practice multiple components of an interview: body language, your greeting, your closing, how to answer a variety of questions, etc.

Students at Red River High School, Grand Forks Central, and Community High School can visit their Career Center staff for interviewing assistance.  We have a list of commonly asked interview questions and can talk with the student about what to wear to an interview.  We also do mock interviews giving students a feel for what an interview experience feels like, then we debrief giving the student suggestions on how to continue improving their interview skills.   Our goal is that each student walks away feeling confident and prepared to go out and get the job they are desiring.

Jennifer George, Career Educator

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