Career Forums + Career Outlook = Promising Jobs for Students…

Central and Red River High School Career Centers promote job shadowing and career forums throughout the school year to all of our high school students in the Grand Forks School District.   During the month of February, our main priority is to schedule as many career forums as possible and let students sign up for one or more career fields of their choice.  By doing this, students have a better understanding, in person, what it would take to be in that profession and decide if this is the career path he or she wants to pursue.

Our special “Thanks” goes out to all the businesses and staff that were kind enough to share their time and knowledge to our students.  This valuable information is time well spent towards a student’s future.
To give you an insight on the career forums that took place, long-term job growth outlook into the year 2020 has been provided by Job Service of North Dakota edition of “Careers in North Dakota 2012”.  The percentages apply to the State of North Dakota only.

Grand Forks Law Enforcement  (Career Cluster: Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security)

Our biggest career forum for the month!  Who wouldn’t want to see 10 different law enforcement officials under one roof!  The panel consisted of Grand Forks finest Police Officer, County Sheriff Deputy, ND Highway Patrolman, US Marshall, FBI Agent, US Border Patrol, UND Police Officer, Grand Forks Correctional Officer, and North Dakota’s Game Warden.  This forum contained so much valuable information for students that it truly showed  how engaged students were in asking questions.     Data shows a growth of (9.1%) for the majority of these professions and are in “High Demand” in the state of North Dakota.

Additional “High Demand” careers by 2020: EMT (24.4%), Firefighters (8.8%),
Court Reporter (13.6%), Paralegals/Legal Assistants (16.2%),
Lawyers, (10%),  Emergency Management Director (18.8%)

Choice Health & Fitness  (Career Cluster: Health Science)

A brand new facility, Choice Health and Fitness,  focuses on health, wellness and fitness which provides various careers such as fitness instructors (11.3%) and athletic trainers (22.8%), sports managers, event coordinators, and office management.  This facility also houses ;

  • GF Human Nutrition Research Center which focuses on careers such as Nutrition/Dietitians (13.7%), Exercise Physiologist (30%) and Biochemist (31%)
  • Altru focuses on careers such as Physical Therapy (22.4%) and Occupational Therapy (20.3%), Nutrition and Wellness and Chiropractic care (14%)
  • Truyu Aesthetic focuses on careers in Massage Therapy (6.0%), Dermatology and Aesthetics (10.9%)

Stadter Center  (Career Cluster: Human Services)
This facility has a wide variety of careers ranging from Human Resources, Hospital Therapist,  Psychiatrist (11.1%), License Addiction Counselor (12.7%) , Register Nurse, Occupational Therapist and Social Worker (12.7%)

ICON Architectural Group   (Career Cluster: Architecture and Construction)

Huge request from students to listen and observe on what an architect does.  We chose ICON Architect, Inc. because #1) they are a fast growing company in our region with projects in the western part of the state #2) they have three female architects that are succeeding in a male dominated profession.   Additional  careers that are promising for growth:  Architects (30.3%), Interior Designer (22.4%), Graphic Designers (22.4%), Drafters (30.0%), Project Manager (18.6%)

AE2S – Advance Engineering and Environmental Services (Career Cluster: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
 Civil Engineers (31.7%) are in “Big Demand” and “High Wage”.  Project Managers, Project Engineers, Civil Technicians (24.5%) Industrial Engineers (28.3%) and Mechanical Engineers (25.2%) handle development/infrastructure, municipal utilities, road and streets, and pipelines.

Rydells Collision Center  (Career Cluster: Transportation, Distribution and Logistics)

Another promising profession in “High Demand” is mechanics specializing in automotive (15.9%), big machinery (43.2%), and diesel engines (38.9%).  North Dakota will see a significant growth in these professions by 2020 due to the oil boom out West.  Most of these careers can be done through two year programs, work experience and internships. 

Entrepreneurship Forum   (Career Cluster: Business and Management)

This forum was tailored for students who showed interest in starting their own business or wanting the tools to strive in a business world.

Businesses that participated were:
            O’ For Heaven’s Cakes, (a pastry, deli and catering business)
Kittson & 3rd Boutique
(a retail and specialty store)
Rhombus Guys
(a pizza restaurant and bar)
Job Service of North Dakota
(assist job seekers in all aspects of training and searching)
(assist individuals in achieving business proprietorship)

UND’s Energy and Environmental Research Center (Career Cluster: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

With the world watching over the environment so closely.  Environmental Researchers and Scientists have seen a significant increase of jobs in this field and North Dakota will see a (12.12%) increase and in “High Demand” by 2020.  Other career growths are Chemical Technicians (21.7%)


Alerus Event Center (Career Cluster: Hospitality and Tourism)

As long as people want to travel, they will need a place to stay.  Also, hosting a big event takes a big facility, you will need someone to plan and organize that event.  Some of the careers you will see that are in “High Demand” by 2020 are: Hotel Manager (17.6%), Event Planner (37.8%), Sales Manager (16.6%), HR Manager (8.5%), and Financial Manager (13.6%), Housekeeper (10.5%), Chefs (2.3%),

This year’s Job Shadowing and Career Forums indicated that our students are taking great interest in exploring careers outside a classroom.  They are thinking ahead to what careers will be in “High Demand” and/or “High Wages” by the time they graduate from college.

For more information about our Career Forums and how you can get involved, please contact Peggy Anderson at Central High School.

Resource:  Careers in North Dakota, 2010 edition”   (Job Service of North Dakota)

Peggy Anderson, Career Coordinator

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