Exhibitor Showcase A Huge Success….

On November 13, 2013 all of the region’s 10th graders attended the 2nd annual Northern Valley Career Expo at the Alerus Center in Grand Forks.  Students attended 4 sessions, one of which was the Exhibitor Showcase on the arena floor.  For most students, this was the highlight of their career expo experience.  The arena floor was filled with over 150 booths showcasing post-secondary and career options.  Students took advantage of the many hands-on activities found at the exhibitor’s booths.  These hands-on activities gave students an awesome opportunity to directly and kinesthetically explore career options.

The goal was to have representation from each of the career clusters present and the planning committee did a fantastic job of making that happen.  Students with varying interests could find something that appealed to them.  Students were surveyed following the event and 87% said that the Career Expo will be helpful as they determine their career pathway.  Overwhelmingly, this was a positive and helpful experience for our students and I believe that by offering a wide-variety of career options to explore, students were able to find something that struck their interest making this a meaningful career exploration activity.

Jennifer George, Career Educator

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  1. setya says:

    useful activity

  2. Jual Peninggi says:

    Wowww … Very valuable experience for the students.

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