February is National Job Shadow Month…

 Just as the legendary groundhog spots its own shadow, so too will employers across the nation spot theirs. Except this time, the “shadows” will be eager young high school students ready to learn all about the workplace of their host participant or parent. Since 1997, the Groundhog Shadow Program has provided today’s employers with a unique and informative way to directly interact with tomorrow’s work force and has enabled students a memorable experience in shadowing their parent or host as he/she goes through a normal day on the job. This shadowing activity provides an up- close look at how skills learned in school are put into action in the work place.

By participating, you are helping students make that critical link between the classroom and the work place. Through combining classroom lab activities with job site observations, students will better understand the importance and relevance of their education. They will see firsthand the range of knowledge and skills a job requires, regardless of the job or its location. In addition, they will gather valuable career information to assist them in making career decisions concerning their future.

Our goal is to enable as many of our students as possible the chance to participate in National Job Shadow Month.  Last year approximately 450 of our students journeyed into all areas of the work force which included private business, industry, non-profit and government agencies and sectors. By schools, community organizations, businesses, industries, and parents working together, we accomplished a joint mission of getting our young people ready to accept the challenges of the world of work through firsthand knowledge and experience.

This school year, The Career & Technical Education (CTE) Department is excited to partner with several established businesses as well as new organizations that are willing to put forth the time and dedication in promoting their professions to our future workforce.  The CTE Department promotes Career Forums, which serve as group job shadows, based on student’s career interests and workforce trends.

Therefore, February “Job Shadow” month is a kickoff month to promote and encourage students to participate in career forums upon request.  Look at the career development opportunities our students are exposed to by attending one or more of these Career Forums:

  • Photography
  • Automotive Services
  • Architecture & Engineering
  • Energy & Environmental
  • Law Enforcement
  • Health & Fitness
  • Mental Health & Human Services
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Information Technology
  • Judicial
  • Finance & Banking.

We would like to thank all of you who were able to participate over the past years in providing these learning opportunities for students.  We are excited about the number and variety of this year’s Career Forums and look forward to celebrating a successful Job Shadow Month.

Peggy Anderson, Career Coordinator

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