First Lady of North Dakota visits GF Public Schools…

First Lady of ND Betsy Dalrymple Answering Questions at Century Elementary

The First Lady of North Dakota, Mrs. Betsy Dalrymple, came to Grand Forks in a small plane on April 21st.  She was met at the airport by GFPS school staff and preceded to Century Elementary.  Mrs. Dalrymple has mentioned, she has many important events, issues, challenges, and activities to work on as First Lady of ND but dear to her heart, and being a former Kindergarten teacher, the area of highest interest is public education. She has also served an entire school district, as a school board member so she knows a great deal about education.

First Lady of ND Betsy Dalrymple Reading to Students at Century Elementary

From philosophy of public education to teaching methodology, researching and making policy, developing consistent practices and procedures, her depth of knowledge, interest, and teaching abilities is very impressive.  The First Lady of ND is a true advocate for children and teachers.  She gets it!  Education is prevention.  Education is all about the improvement of mankind.  GFPS wants to thank Mrs. Dalrymple for spending time within the GFPS and making her life dedicated to education and children. 

During her time within Grand Forks, the First Lady…

  • Visited an elementary school (Century Elementary)
  • Read books to classroom students
  • Saw and heard about exciting programs that were cutting edge and being cultivated right in the GFPS
  • During lunch at Mark Sanford Education Center, Mrs. Dalrymple was presented information and materials from GFPS teachers and students. They talked about special programs they are involved with that promote positive role models for students and peers. Programs that get parents involved in their child’s educational experience, volunteer opportunities for students, and leadership opportunities for students

First Lady of ND Betsy Dalrymple Enjoying Lunch with Pete Haga (Left, Mayor Brown's Office) and Dr. Larry Nybladh (Right, GFPS Superintendent of Schools)

Mrs. Dalrymple spent the morning and some of the afternoon with the GFPS.  The GFPS was honored to have her come to Grand Forks to see and hear some of the things we do to “strive for excellence” while educating youth.  Thank you Mrs. Dalrymple.  Your time and attention involving public education is greatly appreciated!

Mary Lien – Character Education and Prevention Coordinator

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  1. nierocks says:

    It is great to see the First Lady of ND Betsy Dalrymple visit Grand Forks to see what great things are happening in our schools.

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